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The Blacklist – When Life Mimics Art

A man opens the door to his new home as he tells someone on the phone about how safe it will be. At the same moment, another man breaks in and murders him. Safe huh…

Worried about Tom, Liz questions Red about his whereabouts. Red brushes off her questioning and tells her about the next name on the list – Drexel. A performance artist that is responsible for the murder, he leads protests that helps others people feel they are involved.

News of the adoption is beginning to spread throughout the team. Cooper understands and offers his support. Navabi also offers her support telling her that there is no need to feel guilt.

The team is on the hunt for the killer. They go to the victim’s place of employment. As the man is completely taken off guard, we see the killer watching the entire questioning process via a camera from another location. The man in question was visibly shaken by the questioning but did not offer any useful information.

Red visits an Asian restaurant for the liver of an extremely poisonous fish. Or so he makes it seem. Once in contact with the chef, he asks for information about a woman. This woman is to do a feature on Drexel, so Red wants to get information from her.

Liz’s doctor ex-boyfriend phones her when Tom is rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Investigators came looking to question Tom about a robbery so he alerted Liz the moment they left. Tom’s life hangs in the balance.

Ressler and Navabi are able to chase down a man associated with a topic secret program that can allow access to any network camera feed. This is how the killer has been viewing the victim.

Liz accuses Red of being involved in Tom’s current situation. He informs her that he had nothing to do with it but that Tom was involved in a high stakes robbery involving diamonds and a team of thieves including his ex girlfriend. He warns Liz yet again that Tom is reckless and dangerous.

Ressler and Navabi track down the location of the camera feed where it is believed that Drexel has been watching from. They find an empty apartment but a fresh art piece with “Reddington” as the focal point.

Red appears at the home of the reporter who has direct access to Drexel. He uses her to get closer to Drexel when they are to meet up for the interview.

Tom is being interrogated by the detectives looking to get to the bottom of the diamond robbery. He is quickly being cornered. As Liz looks on in worry, her ex boyfriend insists everything will be ok. There is something sinister about his assurance.

Detectives bring in a man who is to identify him as the robbery suspect. Once the man walks in, he clears Tom of any wrongdoing when he claims that Tom works for him. Coast is clear.

The interview takes a sour turn when Drexel realizes the reporter is involved with Red. He has her in deadly choke hold when Red bursts into the room with his gun drawn.

Once Liz, Tom, and her ex Nick are alone, Liz comes to find out that is now on Red’s pay role. When Tom was brought in to the hospital, Red was notified and thus set off the chain reaction that kept Tom safe and out of custody.

Red and Liz talk about why he saved Tom. Even though she insists on ignoring the warnings he constantly gives her about Tom, he tells her that she will always be protected. He never intended for her to feel like her baby would not be safe. This heartfelt talk convinces Liz to keep the baby and forego the adoption plans.

A private art dealer is commissioned to deliver a piece to Red. Once Red intercepts the art, he comes to realize that it is a grim message directly aimed at him. The painting shows Liz standing over a grave labeled “Reddington.” Who wanted him to receive this message? Who wants him dead? Someone who knows his involvement with Liz, that’s for sure.

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