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HTGAWM – We Have Each Other

A very pregnant Annalise 10 years ago with a very alive Sam gives us a glimpse into what life once was.

Annalise and Wes both get offered professional mental help. Most likely, they are suffering from the same problems.

Connor and Oliver are babysitting Asher until he’s back to his old self. One wants to keep him around while the other is ready to finish their good deed.

Back in court, everyone is stunned when they see Annalise show up for a case. As a murder trial, the stakes are high. The victim’s mother makes a statement in court wanting a better deal for the guilty man. This throws Annalise and the students for a loop.

A young Frank has been up to the same antics from the beginning. Hitting on the interns, he was a screw up until Annalise whipped him into shape.

Annalise’s client is a known gang banger with an extensive record. The victim’s mother wanting to give this guy a break is unlikely. They need to get to the bottom of both her motive and his background.

Wes made a joke about shooting himself and was taken into mental health custody. The physician won’t release him until she feels he is not a threat to himself. He is frazzled.

Caleb shows up at the house to seek Annalise’s help in finding Philip so that Catherine’s name can be cleared. Sticking to her story that Catherine shot her, Annalise refuses to help him and orders him to leave. On his way out, Caleb and Micheala rehash their brief love affair. He blames Annaliese for how cold Michaela is. He storms off and she’s left with the words in her mouth.

A young Bonnie and Annalise share a tender moment. They discuss her progress with Sam – most likely about how he is providing her with much needed therapy concerning her past.

Asher overhears Oliver and Connor discussing with Michaela how much they wish he would leave their home. Connor argues he’s trying to be a good person for once but Oliver has reached his limit on having this unwanted house guest.

While the physician and Wes discuss his mental well-being, she brings up his work with Annalise. He tries to brush it off and that her recent shooting has not affected him but she sees right through him. He becomes visibly uncomfortable at the mention of this situation.

The mother of the victim in Annalise’s murder case pleads with the victim to help her overcome the anger she feels inside. She feels for him not having a mother, father, or proper upbringing but she also realizes that she cannot live forever with the hate he has put in her heart. Together, they can move forward if she forgives him so that her heart can move forward. This seems to strike a chord with Annalise.

During the hearing, Annalise’s client breaks down and admits that he lied. He shot the other man on purpose, let him die, and then text his mother from his phone so she wouldn’t find out. The victim’s representation will now seek a harsher punishment with the information they received. The mother approaches Annalise afterward and insists that she still feels the same – she wants the man to walk away from this situation, not sit in a cell.

Laurel tells the group that Wes is in a psyche ward and that Annalise will do nothing to get him out, which leads to a walk out. They fear he could crack and tell the physician about everything horrible they’ve been involved with. The shooting being wrongfully blamed on Catherine has also taken them all to a new level of anger against Annalise. Now with Wes in a mental health lock up, they have no reason to stay by her side.

Wes recounts his mother’s gruesome death. The physician believes that Annalise being shot has triggered his memory into rehashing this painful experience. He insists that he just needs to sleep.

Years ago, Annalise befriended Wes’s mother only to get closer to her and to be able to help her through a legal situation she was wrapped in. The woman is ready to run but Annalise convinces her that she could help.

Wes is released and the rest of the crew picks him up. They make a pact to not lie to each other. They only have each other in this messy situation they have entangled in.

Frank confronts Laurel about why she lied to him about knowing where Wes actually was. It leads to Laurel exposing him for the liar he is and always has been. She suggests they break up because she can no longer contain her feelings for him but knows that they will never go to the next level because he won’t open up to her. As she is about to walk out the door, she admits that he is the one who killed Lila.

Wes gets a package from Annalise. It is the same package his mother once received. It shows articles about a hedge fund manager that is to be put on trial. Could it be Wes’s father?

Connor receives an email with a video from the night at the mansion where they killed Sinclair and shot Annalise. Someone is trying to black mail them. But who?

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