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Modern Family – It’s a new year!

Its time for a Dunphy family meeting! Claire will starting her new role as she takes over Jay’s company but before that, Mrs. Cluttersworth pays the family a visit! Who? Claire’s Marry Poppins-esque alter ego that helps everyone get organized. Fun…Complete with song and dance, it’s time to clean!

Jay begins his first day of retirement with the family. Off to golfing he goes, or so he tells everyone. In reality, he’s actually going on his first flying lesson. Having dreamt of it all of his life, what better time to start then retirement! But this is a little secret between Jay and Cam.

No one wants to clean, surprise surprise. As she threatens everyone with her laundry basket, the cleaning and decluttering is the last thing on their minds.

Gloria has a terrible dream about Jay falling from the sky as she looks on in horror. Of course, Cam goes into panic mode as he races out the door to stop Jay from flying or crashing. He arrives just in the nick of time. Cam tells him about Gloria’s dream. Jay brushes it off as another crazy wife dream.

As the girls attempt to get rid of some of their junk, Hayley comes across some of Alex’s old boyfriend’s stuff. She wants to keep it, but Hayley convinces her to take it to his doorstep and throw it in his dumb face. Uh oh…

Lily is practicing for her first big flute recital. Although she’s giving her all, she sucks and everyone knows it. Even little Joe covers his ears in pain.

Gloria and Mitchell analyze her dream of Jay’s death. They come up with a very plausible explanation. She is worried that he is coming down from his high position at the company and will be crashing down. She needs to take up some of his favorite activities so they can stay alive, in other words. Mitchell does his part by teaching her to play golf. It’s not good.

Claire is getting rid of all the family’s old junk when she gets a blast from the past. Chicky – the Dunphy Easter bunny mascot. So loses her drive to clean and goes digging through the donation bin to get back her memories.

At the range, Mitchell and Gloria are failing miserably. A nearby stranger, and much better golf player, over hears their struggle and comes to teach Gloria how to hit the ball.

During his lesson, Jay is cool as a cucumber. Cam has come along to make sure he doesn’t die. Meddlesome as always, Cam fidgets with something in the back of the plane and it comes off. As he hands it to Jay and the instructor, his can of fake exploding peanut brittle, it knocks out the instructor cold, and the two inexperienced fliers are left mid air with no working knowledge of how to fly this plane. Umm…

Before they come crashing down to the ground, Cam is able to wake up the instructor and he straightens out the plane before they go down.

Gloria is a natural at golf, but Mitchel doesn’t want to believe it. Just a bunch of lucky shots he thinks. They come home to the sweet sound of Lily having mastered her flute under Manny’s teachings. Maybe its something about Mitchel that’s holding everyone back…

Hayley and Alex march up to Sonjay’s home so Alex can have her big moment of revenge. She has a huge speech in mind, but at the first mention of a few sweet words she forgets the past and runs back into his arms.

Gloria tells Jay how she took a golf lesson so they could spend time together. He wants absolutely nothing to do with it. She doesn’t want him flying. They’re back to square one.

Claire returns from her donation run with a heavy heart. The guilt she feels for having donated all of their memories outweighs the accomplishments of Mrs. Cluttersworth. Phil, being the amazing husband that he is, saw this coming years ago. Every time she asked him to go the donation station, he actually went to a storage unit he had been keeping. The Dunphy memories are safe and sound behind the orange garage door.

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