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MTV’s The Real World – Go Big or Go Home

A new season of MTV’s hit show The Real World is back for more adventures and definitely more drama. Instead of screaming 20 year-olds entering a lavish home, these seven strangers are being dropped off in the middle of the desert.

Kailah is the first to arrive. Puerto Rican from Fort Meyers, FL she is already branding herself as the one that doesn’t think before she acts. “If I don’t like you, you’re gonna know it.” She sounds like a peach. Dione is the next roommate. Long hair, fuzzy slippers, and hailing all the way from Cape Cod, Maryland, he calls himself Jungle Boy. Sabrina calls herself a guys girl but also too much for guys to handle. From Topsfield, Massachusetts, she is all for having sex when she wants. Dean from LA, California shouts out to his toothpaste for keeping his teeth white. She also is on the show to escape his ex. He’ll definitely be bringing the drama. Chris from Brooklyn, NY is an escaped Mormon. He describes his status as “single and #@$%.” Ceejai is on her last hoorah before becoming a lawyer. From Atlanta, Georgia she is running from a history of hard living. Country girl Jenna comes from South Carolina. A self-proclaimed hotty, she does everything in her bikini.

The roommates pull up to two huge hot air balloons. A man approaches and informs them that they will be jumping from the balloons to gain their entrance into the house. They also learn that this season is themed “Go Big or Go Home.” This means that they will be engaging in a series of hardcore missions that if they don’t complete, they will be sent home and replaced.

One by one they jump and scream their way to the bottom. Ceejai, the cautious soon-to-be-lawyer is the only one that hesitates. She takes it as an opportunity to grow and take full advantage of having taken a semester off to be on the show.

A stretch Hummer Limo pulls up and whisks them off to their new home in Las Vegas. As expected, the accomodations are more than expected. Pent house views, hover boards and lots of whipped cream await them at the Golden Spike.

The first bomb is dropped when Dean informs the cast mates that he has a court date to continue his divorce proceedings. Later on, Kailah lays the flirting on really thick once she sets her eyes on Dione. She catches him and Dean talking trash about her in the bathroom and quickly takes her offer off the table. Sabrina is also interested in Dione but he doesn’t give her the time of day. Dione seems to be the flavor of the month.

Jenna begins to stir the pot when she makes racial remarks toward Dean and Ceejai. The others walk out of the room to avoid the conversation but Jenna continues. “I wish all Black people were like you guys instead of always trying to be thug…” She has gotten herself in hot water right from the beginning.

Ceejai opens up to the group and tells her story. Six years ago, her father killed her mother after years of domestic abuse. Once the police were called, they killed her father. In the same day, she lost both her parents. But to this day she continues to acts positive and keeps her head held high.

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