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Pawn Stars – Deals and Steals

Gangsters, guns, and guitars. As some of the most extravagant items to come through the shop, these pieces have value and history. Its up to Rick and the rest of the guys to find some great items while still making some cash.

Lucky Luciano Ring

Lucky Luciano was one of the most notorious gang members in our history. With plenty of murders, corruption, and legends behind this one man’s story, this ring could potentially be a huge score for them. Rick wants a professional opinion so he calls the curator of the local gangster museum in Vegas. No proof or history means the owner walks away empty-handed.


Marlin Model 1894

A WWI model gun, it definitely has history packed into its barrel. Used mainly for military contracts during the war, this was the common weapon of its time. A big piece, the owner wants $41,000. Once Rick starts seeing the dings and nicks on the gun he drops it to $21,000. At the mention of so much money, the owner jumps at the offer and walks out with the 21k in his pocket.


Def Leppard Guitar

A colorfully painted and historically significant piece of music, this guitar was one of the pieces that made Def Leppard a thing of legends. Phil Collen personally painted the guitar himself and signed it with his signature in Japanese. Rick calls in an expert to get more info on the guitar. The expert comes in and although he knows about the guitar, he calls in Def Leppard themselves. It being his own work, he can definitely say it’s an original. The owner walks away with $8,500.


Les Paul Professional Guitar

As a piece that the owner found sitting in the closet from an older family member, he is looking to get a couple hundred books. A solid instrument made from quality materials, this make of guitar was quite popular in its time. An expert comes in to verify that it is in fact a 1969 original. The owner walks away with $1,400 after much haggling back and forth with Rick.


Keys to Al Capone’s Jail Cell

With such a spotty history of murder and dark times, Al Capone was the gangster of all gangsters. The owner claims that he received them from a former jail cell attendant that guarded Capone’s cell. Although some cool pieces, there is no proof that these keys really belonged to that part of history. The owner reluctantly walks away empty-handed.



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