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The People v OJ Simpson – I’m Not Black, I’m OJ

A young Kardashian clan gets their first taste of fame as they get escorted directly to a table in a busy restaurant. The kids are young and impressionable so they ask Robert plenty of probing questions, “did OJ do it?” He vehemently denies the rumors his kids are asking about and tries to instill in them the values of truth and honesty.

Marcia Clark grows increasingly noticed in the public eye as the story progresses. She is basking in the limelight. As she prepares for trial, the media storm increases while OJ sits in a cell awaiting his day in court. Robert Shapiro though, isn’t having the same luck though. He calls on the help of an old friend, F. Lee Bailey. They go over the evidence, the media coverage, and the certainty of OJ’s guilt in the opinion of the nation.

Shapiro devises a plan to hire the most influential lawyer in the business Barry Scheck. This is the only way he can think of to get this loud mouth on his side. Scheck begins to dissect the case and the overwhelming amount of evidence against OJ. They plot to keep DNA out of the trial altogether by contesting the collection of it at the crime scene. Basically, they plan to confuse and hack the evidence so that the case gets side tracked and the story derailed.

In another part of town, Johnny Cochran works as an OJ analyst wanting nothing to do with the actual trial. His wife plants the seed in his mind that he should be the one to help OJ get off. The wheels of thoughts begin to turn.

The race term slowly begins to creep into the perception of the trial. As one magazine cover’s bad editing job turns society into a divided front, Cochran does his part to fuel the media with this idea of a racial trial. At the same time, Shapiro and his lackies dig up dirt on the lead investigator of the crime scene and the LAPD. They begin a campaign against this man and the entire department for their unfair racial treatment in this case.

When a New Yorker magazine reporter shows up at Shapiro’s doorstep, he takes this as his shining opportunity to out the racial aspect of the OJ trial. He feeds this reporter an entire theory that the LAPD planted evidence and that it is impossible for a black man to get a fair trial given the racist past of this department.

Witnesses begin to pop up in media interviews across the screen. Marcia Clark insists to keep this a serious trial, not a media frenzy. This is just the beginning of the twists and turns of the case.

Shapiro suggests to OJ that they hire Cochran to help out on the trial and further push the race card. OJ denies needing his help.

The investigation into Mark Furman, the officer they hope to accuse of tampering with evidence, begins.

Kris Jenner lays in on Robert for supporting OJ after the supposed murders. She is filling the kids minds with her views while Robert wants to keep them out of it. The unfortunate side effect of divorce – the kids.

The 911 tapes of Nicole begging for her life are released to the media. Marcia is livid that all of her evidence and armory for trial are on display before court has even begun.

The article in the New Yorker is released and Marcia is thrown off her game again. Race is officially introduced as a main cause for the events leading to OJ’s arrest. Now, Shapiro demands, is the time to bring in Cochran.

Shapiro reaches out to Cochran. Before agreeing to come on board, Cochran says he needs to look into OJ’s eyes and believe him. Their first interaction begins with a hug and ends in tears. OJ breaks down in his recounting of his love for Nicole and how he absolutely did not kill her. Cochran tells OJ he’s going on home just as soon as they can get one black jury member and a hung jury. Big promises were made in that cell.

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