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Published on September 20th, 2016 | by Find Cable Service


Shark Tank – Bed Bugs and Shampoo Balls

The tank was filled with big promises and big money this episode. Fitness, fun in the sun, and even eco-friendly bathroom solutions all made an appearance. Some walked away empty handed while others signed on with deals that will change the way we live.



Working out is a hot button topic and industry in today’s society. This company hopes to eliminate excuses by making it more convenient for anyone to workout. These entrepreneurs have created an app that tailors your workout to what areas you wish you focus on. A certified trainer and a businessman duo, this team covers both aspect of this fitness company. It is a free service with advertisements with the option to upgrade to a paid subscription with no ads. With much interest, Mr. Wonderful makes an offer but one that includes debt. Mark then makes a deal involving ad space as well. Lori and Mark then get into a scuffle as she tries to put her offer in but Mark won’t let her speak out of his eagerness to get the deal. Eventually, Mark wins out both by having the best offer and the biggest mouth.


Clean Sleep

In the business of cleanliness, this business hopes to get you where you sleep. As one of the dirtiest yet commonly used objects, the mattress is an area of much concern. Using a specialized unit of heat, lights, and dry steam, this company cleans mattresses in two mobile trucks. Instead of replacing a mattress, they clean the existing one that can be a selling point for customers. Immediately the sharks are interested in leasing out the technology to major hotels, hospitals, and other large scale companies. Citing confusion and lack of focus, Barbara, Mark and Robert back out. Lori thinks the return will be too slow. Mr. Wonderful just doesn’t care to get in on the company and he backs out as well. No deals were made.


Tutu Blue

A whole new take on swimwear hopes to revolutionize not only fashion at the beach but sunblock protection. To block the damaging affects of the sun, this company looks to protect customers during paddle boarding and other activities that expose the skin to the sun. The business owner is motivated by her own experiences with melanoma and trying to help others in risk. She has only been in business for a month and is only in one store, so the sharks begin to drop. Barbara is not interested in the infancy of this company while Mark cites lack of direction. Lori admires the design but drops out. The rest of the sharks drop because of the amount requested. No deal is made.



A company designed to help the environment, Nohbo directs its efforts in the bathroom. The lack of recycling products used in the bathroom has inspired this teen entrepreneur to create a product that can eliminate the use of shampoo bottles. This product mimics dishwasher detergent capsules. Shampoo is formulated into little balls that when mixed with water turns into lathered shampoo for use. Each dose is good for one use so no bottle is needed as they are individually wrapped. This company wants to ultimately create a new delivery system for all kinds of substances used in the bathroom. Lori backs out citing that the company is in too early of a stage for her involvement. Mr. Wonderful backs out with no interest. Robert offers a licensing deal that immediately gets Marks attention as well. Barbara offers a deal with contingencies on winning over her connections with Este Lauder. Mark wins with an offer to provide patenting lawyers and plenty of other connections no easily obtained solo. The entrepreneur happily joins forces with Mark.

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