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Published on November 5th, 2016 | by Find Cable Service


Shark Tank – The Blizzard and The Promis

Beer Blizzard

A lawyer and a major food retailer executive come together to create what they think the best solution to a problem that has been plaguing them for years. Seeking contacts and notoriety, these two are looking for a deal. This company aims to solve the age-old problem that is warm beer. A device that is placed under the concave bottom of a beer can that will keep is icy cold is their meal ticket to the big times. The sharks go in right away by asking about testing to see how long this disk can actually keep the drink cold, if it fits other types of cans, and if the liquid inside is water or not. They fire back with all the right answers and a personable attitude. Robert doesn’t see the product past a promotion gimmick and Damon doesn’t have the time for this type of business right now. Lori and Mark go head to head as they both want a piece of the pie but being that they are from Pittsburg and so is Mark, he takes it.



Tradition meets today with this company that aims to update the vending machine of yesterday. A slim, modern, sleek, and digital machine removes the need for a big, bulky vending machine that gets in the way. This machine uses a digital screen, a credit card slot, and a small design to present this new way to snack to the public. Software, cloud controlling, and a monthly fee are some of the most prominent features of this new machine. The sharks seem skeptic but once they announce their profits will be $1 million this year, interests peak. Using the digital screen, they are able to advertise as well as vend products. This particular aspect gets the most attention from the sharks. Sighting an insane evaluation, Damon is out. Robert doesn’t like the company altogether and drops out. Mr. Wonderful provides an offer that includes debt and Lori quickly jumps on board. The entreprenurs counter various times sighting the price of their market. They go in on a deal with Lori and Kevin.


The Good Promise

A healthy lifestyle is all the rage now and this company hopes to capitalize this trend. “Smoothie squeezes,” pasta sauces, and other health food items packed with veggies but hidden in good taste are part of this company’s message. The sharks taste test four of the flavors and most of them hate them. Damon complains of acid reflux, Kevin says they taste horrible, and Lori tells the entrepreneur to reformulate. The sharks are hating the product but are interested in the distribution she has been able to get which includes Wal-Mart. Her pitch is quickly falling apart as the sharks pulled apart not only the taste but her need to reach too far. They all drop out and no deals are made.



Bugs are a nascence to everyone. This company hopes to provide you with a safer alternative to chemical bug repellants on the market today. A natural, organic product line to ward off bugs, this company wants to be the go-to bug repellant without all the harmful pesticides available now. For humans, pets, home, and kid use, their products are powerful without being harmful. Once “$4 million” is heard, the sharks perk up. Testing proves the product works and the sharks perk up even more. They currently have 70% margins, 80% sales online, and a desire to get on the shelves. The sharks put a halt on this idea as they explain that retail is a monster. The offers begin to come in but not as smoothly as expected. The sharks want more equity than the entrepreneurs are wanting to give up. Mark and Robert drop out while Damon, Lori, and Kevin begin to fight each other for the attention.

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