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The Walking Dead – Daryl’s Revenge

With her goodbye letter in hand, Carol readies to leave Alexandria. She hides her pack so that Tobin gets no inclination that she plans to leave. Waiting until he sleeps soundly, Carol slinks out silently.

Darryl leaves town in a hurry as he clutches the Denise nametag she had before she died. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita go after him. Tobin finally finds Carol’s note. Rick and Morgan jump into the nearest car to go after her.

Already miles from Alexandria, Carol finds herself a car. She passes a truck filled with guys, they shoot at her as soon as she drives by. She gets out of the car as they bombard her with questions, searching for information. They realize she’s from Alexandria and plan to take her back that way hoping they’ll open the gate when they see Carol. She tells them it doesn’t have to be this way. They raise their guns but she takes them out with a gun hidden in her long coat sleeves.

At the gruesome scene that Carol left behind, the men are struggling for life. Some are dead, some are gasping for life. Rick and Morgan pull up this same scene. They see fresh blood but don’t know if it’s Carol’s or another man she killed. They follow the trail to see where it leads.

Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita pull up to where Denise got killed. They find his bike stashed in a bush. He’s looking for the men that killed her – he’s looking for revenge.

They finally catch up him and he explains to them that he feels responsible for Denise’s murder. If he had killed that man when he first came across them in the burnt woods, Denise would still be alive. They try to convince him to come back but he refuses. As Michonne and Glenn make their way back, they are ambushed by the very man that Daryl is seeking.

Rick and Morgan come across a barn littered with walkers and bodies. They see a man and question him about Carol’s whereabouts. He tells them to walk away but Rick aims and shoots. Morgan pushes Rick so he misses. Morgan goes into his usual shpeal about not having to kill. He also goes into how he had a wolf hidden in the basement, alive. He tells Rick how this wolf ended up saving Denise, that everything always come back. Morgan insists that he will look for Carol that Rick should return. Rick leaves Morgan and makes his way back.

Back in Alexandria, Maggie decides she wants a new look. She claims it’s because she doesn’t want anything to stop her. She cuts off all her hair. Just then, she doubles over in pain, clutching her stomach – something is wrong with the baby.

As Daryl and Rosita continue to search for Dwayne, he actually catches up them first. In an instant there is a splatter of blood. Was it Daryls? Was it Dwaynes?

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