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Published on February 26th, 2016 | by Find Cable Service


The Walking Dead – Michonne Figures It Out

A happy little Judith plays on the ground, Rick seems in good spirits, Carl is up and about with only small bandages over his eye and Michonne is fresh from a shower. Life is good.

Darryl prepares for a run as Denise hands him a list of medical supplies needed. She includes “pop” aka soda and coyly mentions that it’s for Tara as a going away gift before a two-week run she’s going on. A crush maybe?

While on watch duty, Michonne spots Spencer sneaking off into the woods. He stands in front of a walker and Michonne takes it out before he gets the chance. He tells her that he walks after his shifts and that she’s the only one that’s ever noticed. Michonne mentions to him that his mother, Deana told her to find out what she wants. It seems to strike a cord with him.

Maggie catches up with Enid to ask her whereabouts during the big town clean up process. Instead of hiding out, she tells Enid that she could make better use of her time and offers to talk whenever she needs. A possible new friendship?

Rick and Darryl find an abandoned truck filled with supplies. They decide to take the entire truck back to Alexandria. Only their way back, they stop at an old gas station where Darryl spots a vending machine. As they try to turn it over, a man jumps from behind them. After they put their guns to his face, he warns them that a swarm of walkers are headed their way. Rick wants to find out about him and begins the three questions but Darryl cuts him off. They hear what sounds like gunshots so they turn back to where he came from. They were fire crackers set up to distract them as he rode off in the truck. They’ve been hustled.

Enid and Carl are walking through the woods. They stumble upon a message but the words have been washed away. They take it as a sign there was someone previously around. Enid tells Carl that she doesn’t want to come out to the woods anymore. On their way back they come across a walker. Carl wants to kill it but Enid tries to stop him. He tells her she wouldn’t understand. This argument over this one kill seems deeper than a simple walker.

Rick and Darryl catch up to the thief by following the trail of the truck he stole. They try to take him out but he shows them his sophisticated set of karate moves first. They tie him up and leave him on the side of the road – or so they think. A few miles down the road and they realize he’s been on the roof the entire time. Rick slams on the breaks and he comes tumbling down. He tries to get back in the truck and ends in a scuffle with Darryl. The two kick the truck into reverse and it goes into the water. What a waste.

Spencer tells Michonne that he needs to take care of something before he can consider Alexandria his home. Just then, they see Carl run by with a walker trailing him. It’s Deana. Spencer puts a knife to her head and tells Michonne that that’s why he’s been walking, to find her. He has been carrying the shovel so that when he found her, he could properly bury her. He feels that he has lost his family since Deana has gone. Michonne tells him that she is his family and they both have a home.

Rick and Darryl take the man back to Alexandria to be taken a look at after a hit to the head. They get back to town with the man who is still out cold.

Michonne calls Carl out on being alone in the woods. He tells her that he couldn’t kill Deana because it should’ve been someone who loved her, someone who was family. He says he would do it for. Michonne responds with the same.

Rick and Michonne finally get a moment to breathe after their tumultuous days. When the simple brush of fingers turns to a full hand embrace, emotions flare and they kiss. Passion erupts between the two as kissing leads to the bedroom.

As Michonne and Rick lay naked in bed, the man they brought stands hovering over them. In a second, Rick, with gun in hand aims it at him. He tells them, “we need to talk.”




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